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Lavender Velvet Soap


Lavender Velvet Soap (for face & body)

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This naturally nourishing hand-crafted beauty bar is scented with the beautifully versatile aroma of Lavender essential oil. 

Using the traditional cold process soap making method, each bar has been specially formulated with hand-picked body butter of Cocoa, Coconut and Shea, to create a luxurious, creamy and bubbly lather that will not only offer you a delightfully pampering experience but will impart a gentle cleansing action that will leave your skin feeling, soft, smooth and refreshed. Our bars will not strip your skin.


Key Ingredients

All our ingredients are clean and freshly made in the UK using sustainably sourced, ethical and biodegradable ingredients.

Bentonite Clay - It is strongly absorptive meaning it will soak up your skins secretions including dissolved substances such as grease, dirt, bacteria and even viruses! 

Why we love it in our bar - it adds a fine velvety feel to the skin during cleansing and the absorbent action creates a refreshing sensation on the skin which promotes a gentle antiseptic action.

Alkanet Root Extract - traditionally used as an antibacterial, astringent and antipruritic -to relieve itching.

Why we love it in our bar - it adds a natural purple colour to the bar and because it can help naturally soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

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Lavender Velvet Soap