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Bamboo Soap Dish


You don’t want plastic in the bathroom, and wood looks great. But can it withstand all that moisture long term, and is it sustainable? YES! If its water-resistant Bamboo.

The Bamboo is cleverly shaped into soap boxes, complete with lid and clever drainage gaps created by stainless steel spacers. 

This clever process ensures that your soap dish:

  • is very stable,
  • has a quality smooth feel to it,
  • is water resistant,
  • and mould resistant.
Don't worry if your soap bar does not fit as it can sit quite neatly on top, and with regular use, your soap bar will pop right in.

Made from sustainably sourced bamboo stems which are both biodegradable and ethical. Our eco-friendly soap dishes are compact and portable. Designed with slats to allow your bar to air dry quicker

The soap box should not require any maintenance. If desired, the drainage channels can be gently cleaned with an old, clean toothbrush and just water (no cleaning products). Handle with care when doing so.

Approximate measurements: 8cm x 8cm x 5cm.

Bamboo Soap Dish