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Welcome to Natural Spa Beauty where we believe in the power of nature and its ability to enhance our natural beauty and wellbeing.

Our story begins in Africa, where our founder was raised on a farm and developed a deep love and appreciation for the natural world around her. Her fascination with the life cycle of seed germination and the power of natural ingredients in skincare led her on a journey of discovery that ultimately led to the creation of Natural Spa Beauty.

Our mission is to create an oasis of calm and serenity in your chosen space using our expertly blended, vegan, natural, and organic ranges of pure botanical actives that are sustainable and ethically sourced for your spa beautiful skin. We are a cruelty-free, sustainable skincare and pampering company that combines advanced formulation practices with ethical raw botanical ingredients to deliver high-performance natural and organic actives that help your skin achieve its Natural Spa Beauty.

Our founder's passion for natural skincare was born out of the desire to heal her children's cradle cap and eczema. This sparked a deep curiosity and desire to learn more about the benefits of vegan, natural, and organic skincare.

After completing her Master's degree and working in a senior management role for the NHS, she took a break to raise her family and devote herself to educating herself in Formula Botanica's International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program. She earned her Formula Botanica Organic Skincare Formulator and Licensed Tutor badges, and is confident that she can provide you with spa beautiful skin using her own formulations from scratch.

Our products are rigorously tested for stability and come with clearly marked shelf lives, ensuring quality and freshness. We are experts in anti-aging skincare solutions and understand the science of skin aging, which underpins every suggestion or solution we offer in our skincare formulations to aid natural dermal aging. We have been awarded a distinction in cosmetic compliance and our products have passed the Cosmetic Safety Assessment requirement, conforming to EU Regulation 1223/2009 as required by law.

At Natural Spa Beauty, we envision a future where everyone has access to sustainable, organic, and cruelty-free skincare that enhances their natural beauty. We are committed to providing high-performance natural and organic products that combine the latest formulation practices with ethically sourced raw botanical ingredients. Our goal is to help your skin achieve its Natural Spa Beauty with the use of pure botanical actives that are 100% clean and sustainable. We also strive to educate our customers on the benefits of using natural and organic skincare products to empower them to make informed decisions about their skincare routines.

Join us on this incredible journey to beautiful, healthy skin with our clean, ethical, and pampering natural skincare products!