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Floral Facial Feast Serum - for face & body


A fantastic product that is rich in Vitamin C & E and essential fatty acids of Omega 3,6 and 9 which work in synergy to soften, improve skin elasticity and promote hydration.

This soft velvety oil sinks into the skin easily to balance, nourish and protect. The power-packed serum with its floral, fresh and exotic twist will gently boost circulation, balance sebum production and impart long-lasting softness and smoothness to the skin. You have to try it to believe it!

Oat Oil: an elegant soft oil with a velvety feel which is perfect for sensitive skin. It moisturises, sinks in easily, nourishes and protects by slowing down trans-epidermal water loss.

Rice Bran Oil: a soft and gentle oil with powerful action. Rich in antioxidants, Omegas 6 & 9 its regular application improves microcirculation and evens out skin tone. It also supports natural regeneration and leaves the skin feeling supple, silky and radiant.

Squalane: 100% vegetable derivative of Olive Oil which softens the skin thus improving the elasticity. With its identical structure to the sebum that is naturally found in the skin, it sinks in very fast and prevents moisture loss.

Vitamin E: a powerful natural antioxidant that plays an important role in skin health and overall wellbeing. It protects the skin from oxidation by scavenging free radicals and hindering the chain reactions that lead to DNA damage and ageing. It also strengthens the skin’s defences against the harmful impact of certain environmental factors.

Ylang Ylang: a luxurious and exotic oil which helps to balance over dry or over oily skin by helping to regulate sebum production.

After moisturising, apply four to five drops of oil onto the palm of your hand. With your finger, dab the oil in small dots onto cleansed skin, avoiding your eye area. Then gently smooth and press the oil onto your face and neck, using the whole surface of your hands. Smooth the oil from nose to ears, eyebrows to the hairline, and neck to the jawline. Less is definitely more—so no need to go overboard!

Applying the serum over your moisturiser will create an occlusive barrier over your skin and encourage further penetration of the high performance cosmeceutical ingredients so they can get to work to beautify your skin.

Your skin will be soft and positively glowing, and will love you for it!

Can also be used as a booster to enhance the performance of your existing facial products.. Use day and night by mixing 2-3 drops into serum or moisturiser  and apply to face and neck.

It also gives a great glow when you some into your foundation.

If you're wanting to add a bit more relaxation into your skincare routine, we recommend that you massage the product into your skin in upward and outward strokes to relieve tension and encourage lymphatic drainage throughout the face. 

Can also be added into your clay beauty mask. Add a few drops into your prepared mask and stir well before applying with a face brush to your skin. Your mask will feel luxurious and will not dry out on the skin.

Oat Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Peach Kernel Oil, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Thistle (Safflower) Oil, Squalane, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

Floral Facial Feast Serum - for face & body