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Natural Spa Beauty | Our Soap Base Ingredients: and why we use them |

Making natural soap means avoiding the use of any ingredients that could be toxic or are manufactured in ways that use questionable substances or methods. This means that we don’t use anything artificial because we care about our skin and the environment.

We like to keep our ingredients simple, easy to understand and beneficial for your skin. Each bar of our natural soap is made with only ethical, biodegradable and sustainable ingredients that were specifically chosen to provide you with luxurious loveliness for an all-natural shower experience. 

Calendula Extract – due to its high carotene content, the oil is a distinctive yellow-orange. The Calendula Officinalis flower petals are macerated in vegetable oil like olive or sunflower. It is known as "flower of the sun" with its petals of golden orange, it has also been associated with the suns journey across the sky because it opens as it rises and closes as it sets. One of the best known and versatile healing herbs, rich in herbal history, Calendula Officinalis is well known for its healing, calming and soothing properties.

Why we love it in our soap – it can aid in regenerating damaged and irritated skin. It also adds a beautiful texture! :)

Castor Oil – is a light gold oil that is expeller-pressed from the bean of the Ricinus Communis, a tropical perennial shrub. Containing naturally occurring vitamin E and rich in fatty acids, it may lend antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to the skin, is absorbed by the skin slowly and it is exceptionally good to soften and soothe damaged skin and keep it supple.

Why we love it in our soap – it produces a stable, fluffy, creamy and bubbly bar which conditions the skin. It’s a great humectant and helps draw moisture from the air and into your skin! Bring on the bubbles :)

Cocoa Butter – a solid off-white butter that is extracted from the beans of the Theobroma Cacao plant. Containing naturally occurring vitamin E & K and fatty acids it has great emollient properties that soften and nourishes the skin, particularly useful in treating wrinkled skin and slowing down trans-epidermal water loss.

Why we love it in our soap – it produces a hard bar of soap, gives a luxurious feel, creamy lather and is very conditioning! It creates a barrier between your skin and the environment locking the moisture in. A touch of luxury in our formula! :)

Coconut Milk - a creamy white liquid extracted from the flesh of the Cocos Nucifera. Containing naturally occurring vitamins B1, 3, 5 &6, C, E and rich in trans-fatty acids, it has amazing benefits for the skin.

Why we love it in our soap - it produces a creamy white lather, it feels nourishing, conditioning and moisturising. It also smells beautiful! Another touch of luxury in our formula just for you :)

Coconut Oil – solid at room temperature, creamy white in colour it is cold-pressed from the fruit meat of the Cocos Nucifera kernel. An excellent emollient used for conditioning the skin and also helps to moisturise, protect and heal the skin.

Why we love it in our soap – it provides deep cleansing action, fantastic lather, (even in saltwater), is wonderfully moisturising and adds a barrier to the skin protecting it from the elements! What's not to love? :)

Olive Oil – a lovely green colour, olive oil is cold-pressed from the flesh of the Olea Europea fruit. Containing naturally occurring vitamin A, E & K, it is nourishing, softening and protecting. It contains chlorophyll which can help heal the skin, is rich in phenols which are known to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticoagulant. It contains squalane which closely resembles human sebum and can help regulate sebum. Valuable for skin irritation, damaged and itchy skin and can help aid skin cell regeneration.

Why we love it in our soap – helps produce a gentle bar of soap, imparts skin conditioning properties and acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin! Sensitive skins, rejoice :)

Shea Butter – solid at room temperature, with a creamy white/ivory colour, Butyrospermum Parkii butter is expeller-pressed from the fruit (commonly and confusingly called the shea nut). Containing naturally occurring vitamin E and a high concentration of fatty acids, it forms a breathable barrier on the skin helping to protect it from harsh elements like the sun and wind. A great emollient that moisturises, protects and aids in healing dry and damaged skin.

Why we love it in our soap – it produces a long-lasting hard soap with a soft, creamy and conditioning lather. A touch of luxury in our natural spa formula, because you are worth it! :)


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