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PURE SPA SCENTS - Pockets of Peace


Inspire feelings of serenity, boost feelings of positivity and reduce stress and anxiety. Find a quiet spot to sit and just breathe. Allow yourself to calmly inhale and exhale our hand-blended synergistic scents from the Pockets of Peace range and focus on pure, lovely and true thoughts to soothe and calm your senses.

Contains Patchouli which offers a rich and earthy aroma that is perfect for deep relaxation, meditation, and contemplation. Its peaceful scent within the blend can help to transform your emotional wellness. 

IngredientsCypress, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Lavender & Clary Sage.

Contains Lavender which is renowned for soothing and calming the nervous system. Works well at taking care of our well-being, even earning the name "mothering oil". When comfort is needed, call on lavender.Consider inhaling this blend when feeling sad, restless or nervous to soothe your emotions.

Ingredients: Lavender, Copaiba Balsam, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang & Bergamot.

Contains Copaiba Balsam which is a wonderful mood stabiliser, helping to calm the mind and body from everyday stressors. Aromatically, this blend has a friendly, sweet aroma that promotes easy breathing and improves discomforts.. Help curb anxious feelings by inhaling this blend.

Ingredients: Geranium Rose, Copaiba Balsam, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Frankincense, Bergamot, Thyme & Clary Sage.

If using with our Portable Wellness Diffuser twist open the protective cap, and pour the oil through the orifice reducer into the empty bottle that you will receive with your diffuser purchase. 

Twist the bottle into the essential oil nozzle then push it into the diffuser hole making sure to align the arrows.

Alternatively, add some drops into your existing water diffuser following your manufacturers instructions 

Essential oils are natural but need to be used with caution and can be poisonous when misused.

  • We do not recommend neat applications (applying direct to skin) unless done under professional supervision.
  • Not to be used internally unless you’ve undergone advanced training and certification or are acting under the guidance of a trained professional.
  • Make sure you diffuse in a well-ventilated area.
  • Diffuse intermittently, typically 30 to 60 minutes on, then 30 to 60 minutes off.
  • Please consult a healthcare provider before using essential oils on or around infants and children.

    PURE SPA SCENTS - Pockets of Peace