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How To Wear Your Best Skin At Any Age!

CLEANSE If you've been looking for a cleanser that won’t dry out your skin (and simultaneously control your acne, or oily skin) and give you an overall glow, then you're in the right place! Our beauty bar doubles up as a 2in1 cleanser and exfoliator because of the clay we have infused into them. Our gentle formula will offer you a deep cleansing action, gentle exfoliation and help protect your skin as an added bonus! Our beauty bars will not mess with the natural moisture of your skin as we have just the right balance of ingredients to cater for all skin types! Oily and Acne-Prone skin, rejoice! Sensitive and Dry skin, we've got you covered too! TONE If you're looking for a natural skin toner without the use of harsh chemicals, hydrosols are a wonderful, therapeutic alternative! They have a real affinity with the skin. You only have to try it once and you'll fall in love! Our Organic Hydrosols are the condensate by-products of steam or water distillation of plant material during the essential oil extraction process. They naturally contain trace amounts of essential and your skin will directly benefit from the biological properties. Remarkably, due to their gentle and balancing nature, a hydrosol’s primary action is to balance the skin’s current condition, so they won’t address anything that isn’t present. For example, while rose is a wonderful option for providing moisture to dry skin, it won’t cause oily skin to produce more oil, and lavender’s ability to balance and clarify oily skin, won’t further dry out dry conditions. So while certain hydrosols are better indicated for particular skin types and challenges, it is difficult to make the wrong choice when deciding to add any hydrosol to your regimen. Our Organic Hydrosols are best applied as a toner after cleansing and before moisturising and can be followed by a crème, serum, or oil. If you love facial oils, then hydrosols are particularly useful as they offer a smooth and damp surface on which to evenly distribute the oil, helping to lesson any overly oily areas. This leads on nicely into step 3! SEAL  (with an Organic Carrier Oil)  What does this even mean? As the name suggests, carrier oils are oils that are safe enough to use directly on the skin and can be used to dilute essential oils. Mostly unscented, carrier oils typically come from nuts or seeds and have high vitamin and nutrient content, meaning they are great for your skin! It is generally considered best to apply a facial oil after cleansing and toning before applying your moisturiser or sunscreen. The active antioxidant properties of the oil will have the most effect if applied to clean skin without any dead skin build-up. just a few drops should be sufficient to cover your entire face and neck. A little goes a long way! Because it is an extra layer of protection that slows the inevitable evaporation of moisture, there are some that suggest the moisturiser be applied first before sealing with an oil. We encourage you to try either method and go with what works the best for you and your skin! Just like skincare products, there are certain carrier oils that are best suited to face care. Depending on your desired effect, we recommend using oils that are easily absorbed and don’t leave your skin feeling greasy. Carrier oils are a vital component of any natural skincare routine but with so many to choose from, it’s worth considering which carrier oil is best suited to your skin type. Our Organic Carrier Oils have been carefully selected for this reason. Be sure to check through and select the one that suits you!