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Rose Otto


One of our best selling Hydrosols! Rose Otto Hydrosol Mister has a powerful, sensual, rosy-floral aroma. It brings the intoxicating scent of roses into your natural skincare routine (especially if you don’t have the expensive rose essential oil). Rose’s conditioning benefits for skin shine in this enchanting Hydrosol—use it for rejuvenating mature skin, soothing dry or irritated skin, calming hot flushed areas, and more. Rose Otto Hydrosol is even gorgeous all by itself as a perfume! 

Our Rose Otto Hydrosol is a genuine organic product produced naturally as a by-product of essential oil distillation of organic rose petals. The original and most exquisite of all Hydrosols, Rose Otto is elegant and soothing to the skin, hair and nails.

Perfect as a pH balancing toner for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin types. Follow facial cleansing with the application of a herbal hydrosol mist to refresh and tone the skin.  Our Organic Rose Otto Hydrosol comes in a handy frosted glass bottle with an atomiser spray cap, simply spritz it on your face and no need to wipe off! Follow with your favourite Organic Carrier Oil of your choice to seal in the moisture.

  • Generously mist over face after cleansing to remove any traces of cleanser and balance PH.
  • Massage your favourite beauty serum / carrier oil / moisturiser into skin and follow with more toning mist to assist with absorption and lock in moisture.
  • Mist over face after applying makeup to help set and leave skin with a dewy brightness and calming scent.
  • Helps revitalise entire body and hair after a long day of work or travel.

Spritz your face with Rose Otto Hydrosol as a toner both morning and night.

Add some Rose Otto Hydrosol to your bathwater during your menstrual cycle to help relieve muscle spasms.

Relax before bedtime with a Rose Otto Hydrosol body spray.

Spritz some Rose Otto Hydrosol in your hair daily to smell beautiful and to have soft hydrated hair.

Swap your manicure bowl water with Rose Otto Hydrosol for beautifully soft and elegant cuticles and fingertips.

Makes an effective deep cleansing face mask when combined with a clay powder of your choice! Mix a little hydrosol with a little clay, add a little carrier oil and blend together with an applicator and apply to your face. Leave on for 15 mins and rinse off! Follow with a carrier oil of choice to seal in moisture.

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Rose Otto