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Moroccan (Rhassoul) Clay - 500g


Moroccan Clay is an excellent cleansing alternative for those with sensitive skin, and even though it is well-tolerated by all skin types, it is particularly useful for oily and acne-prone skin. It provides a gentle cleansing effect by absorbing fat, excess oil and dirt from the skin.

Moroccan Clay contains higher percentages of silica and magnesium, potassium and calcium than other clays due to the high amounts of these nutrients found in the Atlas Mountains, where Moroccan Clay comes from.

15g Moroccan Clay powder absorbs 25ml of liquid and it swells to approximately 35-40ml.

Because all our Clays require strong and powerful protection and to preserve the quality of the products, we supply them in high barrier, eco-friendly packaging. The entire packaging is fully biodegradable and it decomposes in just 10 weeks!

Love the skin (and earth) you're in! Take time out to some ethical, spa pampered treatment. Feel beautiful!

Mix 15g Moroccan Clay powder with 20ml of your favourite Organic Hydrosol (we recommend Orange Blossom for a citrusy twist!). In order for the mask to feel softer on your skin and to tug less, add in 5ml of your favourite Organic Carrier Oil (we recommend Jojoba for its fast absorption properties). 

Apply it to your face, body or scalp and rub it in gently. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

Wash it off thoroughly with warm or hot water to make sure that you don't leave the saponins (natural detergents) on your skin.

Apply your toner and moisturiser or hair conditioner as usual.

Moroccan Lava Clay (Cosmetic Grade) Powder

Moroccan (Rhassoul) Clay - 500g